Xenophon’s plan to sell Labor’s expensive electricity

Nick Xenophon’s SA Best’s energy policy is nothing more than a shopfront to sell the Weatherill Government’s sky high electricity to struggling South Australian families and businesses.

It follows Premier Weatherill’s admission that his Government’s decision to force the closure of the Northern Power Station has driven up electricity prices in South Australia.  

Reporter: “So the closure of Port Augusta power station did actually have an impact on pushing prices up?”

Premier Weatherill: “Well, of course. In a market that already is a simply concentrated market…of course it did.”                                                                                                                                                                                                           Premier Weatherill, 22 February 2018

“Today it was confirmed that a vote for Jay Weatherill or Nick Xenophon at the election is a vote for higher electricity bills for all South Australian families and businesses,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Nick Xenophon’s energy policy is just a shopfront that will subject all South Australian families and businesses to the Weatherill Government’s skyrocketing electricity prices. 

“This energy policy is nothing more than an un-costed thought bubble that Nick Xenophon has dreamed up on the back of an envelope.

“Nick Xenophon has scattered messaging across the state saying his Party will lower power prices but the thought bubble he’s released today absolutely won’t achieve that.

“What’s equally concerning is that Nick Xenophon seems to support the Weatherill Government’s dangerous 75 per cent renewable energy target that will increase our already massive electricity bills.

“If Nick Xenophon gets his way his policy will subject families, households and businesses to the most expensive electricity prices in the country.

“Nick Xenophon, Jay Weatherill and Tom Koutsantonis can’t be trusted to deliver cheaper energy.

“After years of denial Jay Weatherill has conceded that his Government’s decision to force the closure of the Northern Power Station has smashed families and businesses with massive electricity price hikes.

“South Australians aren’t fools and they’ve been opening electricity bills with massive increases over the last few years courtesy of Jay Weatherill’s and Tom Kousantonis’ failed energy policies. 

“Only the Marshall Liberal Team’s costed and modelled Liberal Energy Solution will slash electricity bills by $302 for the average household by the time our plan is fully implemented.”