Xenophon puts his Party before SA’s future

Nick Xenophon continues to do “…what is best for the campaign, the candidates and for SA Best…” instead of what’s best for South Australia.

“Mr Xenophon is more interested in the future of his fledgling political party than the futures of South Australians,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Drip-feeding the announcement of new SA-BEST candidates doesn’t make up for the policy vacuum.

“And there’s not a media appearance that goes by without Mr Xenophon promising to release his policies ‘soon’ or ‘in the coming days’.

“Well, where are they?

“Mr Xenophon promised to release a series of health policies. He hasn’t.

“Mr Xenophon promised to release his energy policy. He hasn’t.

“If Mr Xenophon can’t even fulfil a commitment to announce a plan, how would he ever be able to fulfil an actual commitment?

“The reality is Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST presents a risk to South Australia – the risk of handing Labor 20 years in government, when South Australia is desperate for a change of government.

“Only the Liberal Party can deliver that change with our plans for more jobs, lower costs and better services.”