X marks the spot

This morning’s clash on ABC radio over energy policy between Nick Xenophon’s Member for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie and likely lead Legislative Council candidate Peter Humphries illustrates the danger of personality-based parties. 

“The fact that these leading members of Nick Xenophon’s party hold radically different views about the 50 per cent renewable energy target indicates what a lucky dip it is voting for personality based-parties,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Having leading members of Nick Xenophon’s party adopting radically different policy positions on the renewable energy target will do nothing to help solve South Australia’s energy crisis.

“Today’s display highlights you only have to scratch below the surface to find deep divisions amongst the rag tag bunch of candidates Nick Xenophon puts up to the electorate.

“The problem with the extreme range of views that Nick Xenophon’s candidates hold is electors have no idea how they will vote if elected to Parliament.

“Add the fact that Nick Xenophon won’t even be sitting in the South Australian Parliament and the danger of electing people under his banner who hold wildly differing views is clear.

“The most pertinent fact confronting South Australian electors is whatever Nick calls his party he is asking South Australians to vote Xenophon in the coming South Australian election when he is Canberra.”

Peter Humphries: I mean there’s no doubt that climate change is a fact and we have to do the best we can to address it but the Federal Labor Government’s policy is I think 50% alternative energy by 2030 – that’s 13 years away which is a lifetime in terms of technological advances … no-one seems to me to be really putting it out there that this is really vanity politics, in my opinion, and the state pays the price (ABC RADIO ADELAIDE 7.39-7.45)  

Rebecca Sharkie: Well I wouldn’t call it vanity politics. Myself and my team, Nick, Skye and Stirling, we agree with a 50% renewable energy target … (ABC RADIO ADELAIDE 8.36-8.54)