Women in Agriculture and Business

Ms CHAPMAN (Bragg—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (12:39):  I rise to support the motion congratulating Women in Agriculture and Business in South Australia on its centenary and acknowledge that I have been and remain a member for a very long time. In fact, my membership of this organisation predated my membership to the Country Women's Association, which I note the member for Light has addressed in his commentary.

It is an organisation that has not only predated the Country Women's Association in South Australia but has survived. I acknowledge in the leadership of WAB, as we know it, that, to ensure they remain contemporary, they have in recent years established an online service for communication between members. This has been an important addition to enabling our representatives who live in more remote areas of South Australia to remain connected and, of course, to be able to participate in the exchange of information and ideas, even if they are, for whatever reason, unable to attend local meetings.

Its recognition as providing a network to its members in South Australia is one thing, but of course it also very significant at an international level with other rural organisations. So, well done to the Woman in Agriculture and Business and to the leadership, who have ensured that its achievements have been recorded and also celebrated and, secondly, ensured that it has an online life to provide practical access to the next generation of women. Congratulations!