Who is buying Gillman land?

The State Liberals have raised fresh concerns about the future of the Gillman land deal after it was revealed Renewal SA CEO John Hanlon hasn’t budgeted to receive payment for the first part of the deal. 

In a shock admission yesterday Mr Hanlon told State Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee that he also did not know who the potential buyers of the site were.

“The Weatherill Labor Government’s management of the Gillman land deal has been appalling and the subject of an Independent Commissioner Against Corruption investigation,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Mr Hanlon’s admission that he hasn’t budgeted to receive the first $45 million for the land this year and that he doesn’t know who is investing in the project should send alarm bells ringing.

“The Weatherill Labor Government gave away the exclusive right to develop a strategic asset under a deal that has been investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

“To now find out that the Government doesn’t even know who they are dealing with is extremely concerning.

“On face value it appears the Weatherill Labor Government’s sloppy mismanagement of this project has continued after an ICAC investigation into the deal.

“South Australians are sick of the missed opportunities and broken promises that have become a hallmark of the Weatherill Labor Government.”