Weatherill the truant

Premier Jay Weatherill will once again be absent from Parliament today for the seventh full
day this year.

So far, Premier Weatherill has missed seven out of 39 sitting days this year.

“Clearly Premier Weatherill thinks that attending Parliament is optional,” said Deputy State
Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“There are only 50 sitting days out of 365 for the whole year – surely Premier Weatherill can
ensure that he is there for all of them.

“He has 315 days to do work outside Parliament.

“There are a lot of important issues facing South Australia at the moment and the State
Liberal Team has plenty of questions to ask Premier Weatherill.

“In recent weeks under Premier Weatherill’s leadership we’ve had a statewide blackout, a
convicted murderer escaping from prison and still loose on the streets, and a siege at
another one of our State’s prisons.

“Then there are still the broader, long-term problems facing South Australia including Labor’s
Transforming Health cuts plan, our state’s entrenched high unemployment and our child
protection system.

“Today, Premier Weatherill should be in Parliament so he can answer questions about these

“Premier Weatherill’s absence shows his contempt for the Parliament and South