Weatherill's faux apology

The real Jay Weatherill was exposed this morning when he told ABC radio that his policy settings in child protection had been right all along and it’s just the implementation that has failed. 

“Despite being the architect of the catastrophic decision to embed child protection in the Education Department, a decision Commissioner Nyland is forcing him to reverse, Jay Weatherill claims his policy settings have been right,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“It’s now clear Jay Weatherill simply doesn’t accept any responsibility for the catastrophic failure of child protection in South Australia and as a consequence his apology is meaningless.

“Jay Weatherill’s apology yesterday was worthless, indeed an insult to the children harmed as a result of the Weatherill Government’s failed policies.

“Jay Weatherill’s claim that just the implementation of the policies had failed is also deliberately misleading.

“The Weatherill Government has failed to implement one recommendation after another despite having claimed to have actually implemented the recommendations.

“South Australia is still without a Children’s Commissioner despite the Layton Review recommending the establishment of one in 2003.

Jay Weatherill failed to implement the 2008 recommendation from the Mullighan Inquiry that all children in care be allocated a case manager and have face to face contact monthly.

“Commissioner Nyland calls this failure particularly concerning and the need to implement it especially important.

“Jay Weatherill failed to establish a secure therapeutic care facility for children despite it being recommended by both the Layton Review and the Mullighan Inquiry.

“Commissioner Nyland states there is a need for such a facility and that for some children this is the only way their needs can be met.

“The Premier was responsible for ensuring these recommendations were implemented – he has totally failed on both policy and implementation.”