Weatherill’s disingenuous cross-bench claims

Premier Weatherill’s claims that he is working to “reset the relationship” with the cross-benchers is completely disingenuous.

There are several pieces of legislation being debated this week that would erode the powers of the Legislative Council and the cross-benchers.  

This includes the Constitution (Appropriation and Supply) Amendment Bill 2015, Constitution (Deadlocks) Amendment Bill 2015 and Electoral (Legislative Council Voting) Amendment Bill 2015.  

“This is yet another example of Premier Weatherill saying one thing and doing another,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.  

“On the one hand, Premier Weatherill claims he wants to have a better relationship with the cross-benchers, but in the very first week of Parliament for 2016, there are three pieces of legislation on the agenda that look to strip constitutional powers from the cross-benchers.  

“The State Liberal Team understands and respects the important role that cross-benchers play in the Legislative Council – the Weatherill Labor Government does not.  

“In fact, the Weatherill Labor Government treats the Legislative Council with nothing but contempt.  

“This was evident last year when the Government presented 200 amendments to the Planning Bill, which were to be debated in one week.  

“Premier Weatherill cannot be trusted to follow through on his promise to work with the crossbenchers.  

“Actions speak louder than words.”