Weatherill needs to put Koutsantonis on a leash

Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman has accused Treasurer and Energy Minister Koutsantonis of driving South Australia’s reputation into the ground following his reckless tirade against Chevron Australia.

Mr Koutsantonis’ latest outburst builds on the unacceptable pattern of behaviour from Weatherill Labor Government Ministers and follows on from his attack on the banking industry and a history of foul language.

“Tom Koutsantonis is doing his very best to drive much needed private sector investment out of South Australia,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Premier Weatherill has to show some backbone and muzzle his abusive and foul mouthed Energy Minister.

“It’s clear Tom Koutsantonis doesn’t know the first thing about business and he has a reputation for losing his cool when he doesn’t get his way.

“This is a man who has had to apologise for swearing at public servants and allegedly called some of them the ‘c’ word.

“Every time Tom Koutsantonis abuses a private business, attacks an industry or swears at public servants he hurts South Australia’s reputation and drives away investment.

“There are other mineral resource companies who could continue with exploring the Great Australian Bight but could understandably be driven away by the Energy Minister’s comments.

“This behaviour and disgusting language has no place in the business sector or any workplace for that matter.

“It is unacceptable for Minister Koutsantonis to try to share the credit for all significant investment decisions but wholly blame the potential investors when they don’t proceed.

“Blasting a potential investor which has not proceeded only increases the risk and deters others from even considering opportunities.

“Of course Chevron’s decision not to proceed is disappointing from an economic perspective, but criticising them for even considering it only deters all future investors.”