Weatherill needs to man up

The State Liberals are demanding Premier Jay Weatherill reverses his decision to squib the Property Council debate in the lead up to the State election.

“This is political cowardice of the highest order and unbecoming of a Premier,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Steven Marshall and Nick Xenophon have both agreed to the Property Council debate, so should Jay Weatherill.

“With the departure of Martin Hamilton-Smith Jay Weatherill has assumed responsibility for Small Business, Investment and Trade yet he doesn’t want to front this important forum.

“I know that Jay Weatherill isn’t a ‘free market sort of guy’ but he should have the guts to stand before this economically astute audience and put forward his plans for our state.

“With decisions like this its little wonder the Weatherill Government’s primary vote has collapsed to just 23.5 per cent in yesterday’s Morgan poll.

“I’ve got some further advice for the Premier – your vote isn’t going to improve by running away from difficult debates.”