Weatherill euthanising SA economy

Premier Jay Weatherill has given South Australians a stark insight into the bleak future of job opportunities under a continuation of his Labor Government.

This morning on radio ABC 89, when dealing with the loss of another South Australian seat in the Federal Parliament, Jay Weatherill embraced the continued decline of South Australia’s share of the national population.

“Jay Weatherill’s vision for South Australia is of a low economic growth, limited job opportunity, welfare dependent society,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“After watching tens of thousands of South Australians move interstate in search of better job opportunities all the Premier can say is he isn’t running a high population growth strategy.

“The fact is Jay Weatherill has no economic strategy worth its name.

“Stagnant economic growth under successive Labor Governments has strangled population growth by pushing hundreds of thousands of young South Australians interstate in search of job opportunities.

“As long as Jay Weatherill’s jobs killing policies remain in place South Australia will continue to shrink in relation to the rest of the country.

“Whilst Australia’s population has grown substantially during the last two decades South Australia has limped along at the back of the pack.

“When State Labor came to office in 2002 South Australia’s share of the national population was 7.73 per cent, today it stands at just 7.04 per cent.

“Since State Labor’s election in 2002 Australia’s population has increased by 4,780,194; South Australia’s share of that increase has been just 201,243.

“Whilst South Australia has been losing population share we have also been producing a lower proportion of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product.

“In 2002 South Australia produced 6.77 per cent of Australia’s GDP, this year it’s down to 6.08 per cent.”