Weatherill backpatting a disgrace

The failure of Premier Weatherill and Treasurer Koutsantonis to acknowledge South Australia’s electricity system failed when 1.7 million people were left without power yesterday is a disgrace. 

“Mr Weatherill and Mr Koutsantonis keep saying that the system operated appropriately when it shut down and plunged our entire state into darkness,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“In fact they have been patting themselves on the back and saying its all ok. “It’s not ok – it’s a disgrace.

“It’s a disgrace that 1.7 million South Australians lost power because electrical infrastructure hundreds of kilometers from Adelaide was damaged by a storm.

“Mr Weatherill’s claim that the state-wide blackout was appropriate is a slap in the face to the people who were put in danger.

“Tell that to the people who had to be transferred from one hospital to another because the power went out and then the back-up generator failed, Mr Weatherill.

“Tell that to the people who still don’t have power to their homes.

“Tell that to the businesses that still can’t operate.

“The lights have certainly gone out for this out of touch State Labor Government.”