Victims' rights on show

South Australians who have been affected by crime can learn more about the support available to them at the Royal Adelaide Show, with the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights partnering with SAPOL in the Jubilee Pavilion.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said the Royal Show was an ideal way to promote the important work of the Commissioner to the wider community and the collaboration with SAPOL, as one of the first agencies to support victims, made sense.

“Most people know someone who’s been a victim of a crime, but many don’t know how best to help or support them,” Ms Chapman said.

“People often underestimate how significant the impact of a crime can be and the justice process can be extremely complex - it’s incredibly overwhelming for the average person.

“Victims are often left with very little about what to expect after they’ve reported the crime, so the Commissioner’s Office plays an important role in providing that information and referring people to other services.” 

Commissioner for Victims’ Rights Bronwyn Killmier said it was important for people to know their rights and responsibilities, and where to get assistance if they need it.

“This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the work we do and give people a chance to ask questions – many people don’t realise they have rights as a victim,” she said.

“Victims are entitled to a range of information, such as compensation options, and details about release dates and parole hearings.

“Our focus is on educating the community that as a victim they do have a voice and we can help them share their story.

“Over the 10 days, we’ll have a number of people on hand from my office, other not-for-profit groups and government agencies who are involved in supporting victims.

“These groups are represented on the Commissioner’s Victims of Crime Committee, seeking to improve services and outcomes for victims and will be available to answer questions about their services, suggest appropriate supports and explain a victims’ rights and responsibilities.”

The Royal Show runs from 30 August to 8 September.