Train passengers should ride free

The State Liberals have slammed the Weatherill Government’s handling of today’s train strike and are demanding free travel for all passengers on all lines for the duration of the industrial action. 

“Today’s strike is the latest in a long list of disruptions to services on Adelaide’s trouble plagued metropolitan train system and it’s important the Weatherill Government rewards long suffering rail customers for their loyalty,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Asking people to pay for a public transport service hit by strike action merely adds insult to injury for thousands of train customers who have been left in the lurch time and time again.

“The unreliability of Adelaide’s trains is a significant factor in the poor patronage figures for Adelaide’s train network and the Weatherill Government needs to counter the negative impact of the strike with an offer of free travel.

“When an electrical fault shut down the Seaford and Tonsley lines in April this year the Weatherill Government offered a day of free travel on all passenger train lines as a measure of compensation.

“The Weatherill Government must take responsibility for bungling negotiations with the Rail, Tram and Bus Union and offer free travel over the next two days.