Top End Silk appointed to District Court

A distinguished silk from the Northern Territory will return to South Australia to take up a new role as the state’s newest District Court Judge, and Deputy President of the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said Miles Crawley SC had been appointed to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of her Honour, Judge Leonie Farrell.

“With 40 years’ experience in the sector, more than 30 of which were spent in South Australia, Miles Crawley has demonstrated exemplary knowledge of the law and a high level of skill as an advocate,” Ms Chapman said.

During his time in the Northern Territory, he was appointed as the second silk practising in the private civil bar.

“In his extensive career, he has worked in a variety of fields including insurance law, medical negligence and misconduct, industrial relations, media and Internet law, defamation and discrimination.

“He has also served as Director of the Australian Bar Association and Director of the Law Council of Australia.

Ms Chapman said Mr Crawley would take up his new roles on December 7 this year.