Time to end ICAC secrecy

The State Liberals are calling for an end to the secrecy surrounding the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.

Yesterday a top government executive was arrested and charged with two counts of abuse of public office, but details surrounding the executives department and identity have been supressed by the Commissioner.

The current level of secrecy resulted in unfair and unnecessary speculation about who had been charged, impacting all government executives and their departments.

“The State Liberals have a policy to make the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption more transparent by conducting open hearings,” said Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman.

“The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, Bruce Lander QC, has the power to reveal the full details of this matter but has declined to do so.

“The release of partial information has unfortunately resulted in a cloud of suspicion falling over multiple public sector executives.

“A strong ICAC goes hand in hand with ensuring that the government is honest, transparent and accountable.

“However, there is still work that needs to be done, such as introducing public hearings, to ensure South Australia has the most strong, effective ICAC possible.”