TAFE scandal deepens

The revelation that the Weatherill Government was warned by the AMA more than two years ago that 50 per cent of TAFE SA aged care students needed upskilling and were unemployable is further evidence of maladministration at the highest level of this Labor Government.

“The TAFE SA debacle has the stench of a cover-up and the now Premier Weatherill is refusing to cooperate with the Senate inquiry,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“It is critical that all elements of this scandal are investigated, including the warnings that were provided to Ministers about TAFE’s deficiencies.

“The TAFE SA debacle has very strong similarities to the Weatherill Government’s handling of the Oakden scandal.

“Labor Ministers were repeatedly warned of the disgraceful conditions at the Oakden facility but took no action to rectify the situation until the matter was raised in the media.”

Oakden is currently the subject of an ICAC investigation.

“The real reason Jay Weatherill won’t be appearing before the Senate inquiry or recall State Parliament is because he is desperate to avoid proper scrutiny on the abject failure of his Government,” said Ms Chapman.

“The students of TAFE SA who have been denied the qualifications they have studied for deserve a comprehensive examination of how this fiasco came about and how it can be fixed.

“South Australians have no confidence in Premier Weatherill and Minister Close’s capacity to deal effectively with this scandal.

“Minister Close must immediately release the findings of the independent investigation of TAFE SA she commissioned after problems with the accreditation of courses were first identified.

“Why is Minister Close hiding the Quorum Report?”