Tafe SA Secrecy

The State Liberals have raised further concerns about the sale of TAFE SA sites around the
state after secret board meeting minutes were refused under a Freedom of Information

In Parliamentary Estimates this year it was found 27 TAFE SA sites, worth $650 million, would
be transferred into the hands of Renewal SA for management.

The transfer of the properties from the Department of State Development to Renewal SA have
been kept under wraps despite Freedom of Information requests for specific documents.

“The Chief Executive of TAFE SA has denied providing board minutes to the State Liberals
despite other statutory authorities, like SA Water and Renewal SA, freely providing similar
information,” said Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Vickie Chapman.

“We are simply asking for a release of board minutes discussing the important movement of
management for TAFE SA sites, which are welcome to be redacted to protect the opinions of
specific board members and the TAFE SA brand.

The State Liberals have begun an appeal to Ombudsman SA to have these documents

“This is simply another case of State Labor secrecy around any potential sale of TAFE SA and
shifting of funds between Departments. From the past we have seen that properties moved to
the care of Renewal SA are taken from public hands soon after.”