Strengthening public safety in Adelaide's West End

A strengthened police presence in Adelaide’s west end will continue, with the extension of the declared public precinct in the district each weekend.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman today confirmed the Government has extended the declared public precinct in place in the area until November next year, ensuring police have extra search and seizure powers in place to combat anti-social and disorderly behaviour in the CBD.

The City-West precinct is bordered by North Terrace, West Terrace, Currie Street and King William Street, with the declared public precinct provisions coming into effect every Friday and Saturday night from 6pm until 6am the following morning.

Attorney General Vickie Chapman said declaring the area a public precinct would be an invaluable tool in helping police keep the peace within the city’s west end.

“One of the great things about Adelaide is that there are plenty of exciting venues where people can go to enjoy a fun night out over the weekend,” Ms Chapman said.

“And when people choose to go out for the evening, they should be able to enjoy themselves without being harassed by louts.

“By declaring the west end a public precinct for another 12 months, police will have significant powers at their disposal to ensure people can enjoy a safe night out on the town.”

By making the area a declared public precinct, police will be able to:

  • Conduct metal detector searches of individuals
  • Ban a person from the area during specified hours
  • Direct a person to move on
  • Remove minors from the area where, in the opinion of a police officer, that child is in circumstances that place them at risk.

Individuals can also face fines of up to $1250 for behaving in a disorderly or offensive manner within a declared public precinct.

Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services Corey Wingard said the introduction of the declared public precinct has already delivered results.

“Since the declared public precinct came into effect, we have seen a reduction in offences against other people and disorderly conduct in the precinct,” Minister Wingard said.

“Police have, to date, issued more than 230 expiation notices for disorderly conduct and removed nearly 60 minors from the area while it has been a declared public precinct.

“This not only demonstrates the success of this initiative but why it’s so important that it continues.”

South Australia Police Metropolitan Operations Service Assistant Commissioner Paul Dickson welcomes the extension of the declared public precinct.

“The extension of the declared public precinct in the City-West area is a welcome initiative for SAPOL to continue using what has been a very successful policing tool for us”, Assistant Commissioner Paul Dickson said.

“The results of first 12 months of the declared public precinct have clearly indicated that this tool has proven very successful in terms of ensuring the safety for the majority of people who frequent this entertainment area by removing those identified disruptive people before matters escalate.

“We will continue to use a wide and diverse range of policing resources all working together. However we also need the community to help us by not behaving in an inappropriate manner and be part of making the community safe.”

The extension means the declared public precinct provisions will remain in place until 17 November 2019.