Strengthening heritage protections for Colonel Light Gardens

New heritage standards for Colonel Light Gardens will better preserve the historic garden suburb, and act as model framework for other State Heritage Areas.

Following extensive public consultation the Marshall Liberal Government has unveiled new guidelines which strengthen protections for the State Heritage listed suburb.

Minister for Environment and Water, David Speirs, said these standards will give Heritage SA the tools it needs to protect and preserve the unique suburb.

“Colonel Light Gardens holds the distinction of being one of Australia’s most complete examples of an early 1920s garden suburb, and is an established State Heritage Area. The new Heritage Standards ensure the suburb is offered an enhanced level of protection.

“The public consultation gave landowners and residents of Colonel Light Gardens, as well as the general public, an opportunity to review the updated guidelines and provide their feedback,” Minister Speirs said.

Minister for Planning and Local Government Vickie Chapman said the changes will bolster increased protections already available under South Australia’s new Planning and Design Code, which came into effect on March 19.

“Heritage SA reviewed and updated the existing heritage guidelines for the suburb to ensure they aligned with the new policy approach to protecting heritage, in close consultation with the City of Mitcham, Planning, Land Use Services and key community groups prior to, during and after public consultation,” Ms Chapman said.

Member for Elder, Carolyn Power, said the review process engaged key stakeholders and local residents, and draws on best practice set by the Burra Charter.

“Colonel Light Gardens has significant historical and community value. From its tree lined streets, curved roads, Californian bungalows and State Bank homes, I hear firsthand how passionate local residents are about their suburb,” Mrs Power said.

“Feedback from local residents has been carefully considered and is reflected in the new Heritage Standards which ensure the unique aspects of this beautiful area continues to be preserved and protected.

“This year also marks the centenary of the Model Garden Suburb and so it’s timely to reflect, strengthen and celebrate Colonel Light Garden’s heritage.”

The new Heritage Standards will be used by Heritage SA, as delegates of the Minister for Environment and Water, in assessing proposed developments referred to the Minister for direction. They may also be used by Mitcham Council in assessing proposed developments in Colonel Light Gardens.

Colonel Light Gardens is one of 17 State Heritage Areas in South Australia and Heritage SA intends to create new heritage standards for the other 16 areas in a staged manner over the next few years.

For further information, contact Heritage SA on (08) 8124 4922 or by email [email protected]