Step out of lockdown with a bigger footprint

South Australian hospitality businesses are being encouraged to apply for temporary increases to their licensed footprint, as the State emerges from lockdown.

While South Australia has managed the most recent Covid-19 outbreak extraordinarily well, a return to normal will take a careful and considered approach, meaning venue capacity limits remain for the short-term.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said this will have an impact on restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs, but is reminding business owners that there are measures in place to help them.

“The recent lockdown and ongoing restrictions have clearly been necessary in order to stop the spread of this deadly virus, but they have hit our hospitality sector hard,” Attorney-General Chapman said.

“In order to mitigate the capacity issues some businesses may face due to the one per four square metre rule, we are allowing licensed venues to apply for short-term increases to their licensed footprint.

“This means they could extend their service, allowing for the consumption of liquor, while seated, in a separate room, expanded outdoor area, or new outdoor area.

“This will enable businesses to utilise their full capacity, increasing the number of people they can have at any given time, while also offering new and unique dining experiences,” she said.

This offer was first introduced in May 2020, with 225 businesses successfully applying so far.

Applications are free and do not involve the usual application process to amend a licensed area.

All licensed venues that offer seated food and beverages service will be able to apply for the short-term licence by heading to: