State Liberals back PM on new terrorist laws

The State Liberals have backed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s call for the introduction of post-sentence preventative detention laws for convicted terrorists and demanded the Weatherill Government join with them. 

“Where convicted terrorists remain a danger to the community it is essential that we have the legal power to continue their detention indefinitely,” said Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman.  

“The Weatherill Government has been dangerously complacent in its approach to the terrorist threat in South Australia.  

“The Weatherill Government has failed to act on the recommendations of the joint Commonwealth/New South Wales review into the Martin Place siege.  “Premier Jay Weatherill and Attorney-General John Rau need to commit to the introduction of the new detention laws today.  

“The introduction of post sentence preventative detention powers must be part of a suite of legislative initiatives that need to be introduced into the South Australian Parliament.  

“The Weatherill Government needs to draft legislation requiring a bail authority to take into account an accused person's links with terrorist organisations or violent extremism when considering a bail application.  

“The Weatherill Government needs to review relevant legislation, in particular with respect to privacy and health, to ensure appropriate access by ASIO.  

“It must establish a formal memorandum of understanding between the South Australia Police and the Department of Public Prosecutions to govern the review of all bail decisions.  

“The Weatherill Government needs to conduct an audit of its firearms data holdings as required by the review into the Martin Place siege.”