State Administration Centre - No Money, No Date

Taxpayers have again been left wondering when $391 million will be paid to the State
Government for the sale of the State Administration Centre, with the Treasurer Tom
Koutsantonis once again postponing the settlement date.

During questioning in State Parliament yesterday the Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis admitted
that the State Administration Centre settlement had again not proceeded and no money had
been paid.

The State Administration Centre, located in a key development area on Victoria Square, has
now had five settlement dates, all of which have passed without payment.

“The Weatherill Government have announced 5 settlement dates with Commercial &
General, 30 March, 30 June, 31 August, 25 October and 15 November, but we still have no
payment for the property,” said Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development Vickie

“The Treasurer was unable to tell me when another settlement date would be identified.

“There is a great deal more at stake for the taxpayers of South Australia with the State
Administration Centre sale than the Gillman land deal and we need to know a date that this
will settle, once and for good.”

“You have to raise questions about the management of these sales given the Treasurer has
been in charge of both.”