Southern Adelaide Infrastructure Investments

Grievance Debate        

I rise today to talk with pride of the Marshall government's investment in the southern regions of Adelaide. I am particularly compelled to do so because we have delivered for the residents not only of Aldinga, Normanville, Willunga, McLaren Vale and Yankalilla but also a place dear to my heart, my birthplace of Kangaroo Island. One would think, having listened to the member for Mawson, that he had somehow or other been delivering on these commitments, but this is what we have done. This is the Liberals' plan and this is what we have actually been delivering.

Our government has been committed to building a new Aldinga birth to year 12 school—

This school will be constructed on a 14-hectare piece of land along Quinliven and Port roads in Aldinga. Coupled with that, to support the families in Aldinga, Sellicks Beach and surrounding areas, was the federal government's announcement of $2.26 million to do a major rebuild and add two extra soccer pitches at the Aldinga Sports Complex. I thank them for the complement of that as well. The new school will be ready to start at the beginning of the 2022 school year and will accommodate 1,675 students, which includes 100 special school students and a 75-place children's centre. This is what is needed in the region and this is what this government is delivering.

I also want to mention the $92 million project for the duplication of the Victor Harbor Road between Main South Road and McLaren Vale because I think it is very important for the southern region. But particularly for the people of Kangaroo Island, they will now have a direct extra $50,000 per year to contribute towards their roads and the upgrades that are necessary. Sure, the member for Mawson has raised and complained about the loss of concessions for the benefit of those few, but everybody needs to be able to use the roads on Kangaroo Island. Everyone is the beneficiary of this, whether you are a schoolchild travelling on a bus or whether you are being taken to the Western Districts Footy Club. Everyone needs to be able to use these roads and it has really been an important initiative.

Also very important for Kangaroo Island is the huge $305 million commitment to the Main South Road duplication, which the previous government again failed to deliver. These are important infrastructure projects. There is a $6 million investment connecting the parks.

Of course, an environmental feature is connecting the parks that run along the southern coastline of Fleurieu Peninsula, as well as the works to upgrade the Deep Creek Conservation Park and the Heysen Trail from Cape Jervis to Deep Creek.

One matter that is dear to my heart is the opening of the state's reservoirs, which has been announced, with Myponga being the first, and during the recent summer shoreline fishing has also been brought in. So now people can walk, run and cycle around the bushland tracks with water views, enjoying picnics and lookouts and with viewing platforms. This is coupled with the wonderful local businesses, such as Smiling Samoyed Brewery and the Myponga General Store.

The member for Mawson has recently brought to the chamber's attention the plight, through his eyes, of the people of Kangaroo Island. I have a personal commitment to Kangaroo Island and I obviously still have family there. I am related to half of them over there, so I make this point: this is a very difficult time for the people of Kangaroo Island. Whilst I share the sentiment of the member for Mawson, in that he is concerned for their wellbeing and welfare, I say it is really important that the member presents to the government specific areas of concern.

For example, just last week I had a farmer crying on the phone saying that he had been asked by the local accountant to get his tax return in. Of course, his house was burnt to dust and all his records are ash, so of course it is insensitive. Rather than complain about it, in this case our government contacted the Small Business Commissioner and said, 'Can you get in touch with the accountants and financial advisers and actually help them to advise the Taxation Office that a number of people on Kangaroo Island clearly won't be able to comply with the usual arrangements for lodging their tax returns, their fringe benefits tax returns or anything of that nature. Please, can you help us in that regard.'

That is what is real about providing support for the people of Kangaroo Island, not screaming abuse at you, Mr Speaker, in this chamber or making allegations against people that are very unfair in these circumstances.