South Australians work together to beat the heat

Yesterday was proof that South Australians are always there to help those in need.

The Government extends its gratitude to all emergency services, health professionals, paramedics, and volunteers who put in extra hours, braved the heat and were there to help our most vulnerable people get through the State’s hottest day on record.

Acting Premier Vickie Chapman today thanked everyone involved in yesterday’s efforts to ensure people were safe, looked after and cared for in the unprecedented heat.

“Yesterday, I saw first-hand, volunteers putting in extra hours at the Hutt Street Centre, just to ensure those who are homeless in Adelaide had fresh water, a cool place to stay and a meal,” Ms Chapman said.

“This was only one of the organisations that went above and beyond; there were countless others around our entire State who went beyond the call of duty to help vulnerable South Australians.

“The State’s emergency services were vital in getting us through the day without any major issues. Extra ambulance crews and Emergency Department clinicians were instrumental after being rostered on to meet the increased demand.

“I applaud our healthcare professionals for coping extremely well with a significant number of people requiring medical attention for heat-related issues across the State.

“Ambulance crews responded to a total of 224 heat-related cases and there was a total of 152 heat-related presentations to our Emergency Departments throughout the three days of the heatwave.

“Yesterday was the worst day, with 58 heat-related presentations to hospitals, and 120 ambulance cases related to heat, but we are also preparing for a lingering effect with more people expected to require medical care today.

“It was regrettable that 25,000 households lost power due to local distribution outages caused by unprecedented heat. However, through working with energy market operators, major industrial energy consumers and government agencies, we took all the steps we could to ensure there was not an energy shortfall and no forced load shedding occurred.

“Whether it was trained professionals, or good citizens who simply checked in on a neighbour or called relatives and friends, thank you.

“Days like yesterday can end in disaster across many areas, and as Acting Premier, I am humbled to have seen how everyone pulled together and helped each other out,” Ms Chapman said.