Shining a light on Weatherill’s failure

The State Liberals have launched a stinging attack on Premier Jay Weatherill’s handling of the Oakden scandal.

“Jay Weatherill’s cynical maneuvering on the Oakden scandal has been a disgrace from the moment the Chief Psychiatrist released his report into the abuse of vulnerable South Australians in the state-run facility,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“When the Oakden scandal broke Jay Weatherill claimed that Leesa Vlahos had shone a light on the appalling government failure at the state-run facility.

“Jay Weatherill now claims former Mental Health Minister Leesa Vlahos has made the right decision to resign despite defending her abysmal handling of the Oakden scandal for the best part of 12 months.

“Jay Weatherill’s backflip on Ms Vlahos illustrates a string of appalling decisions on his behalf.

“Jay Weatherill should never have appointed Leesa Vlahos as a Minister in the first place, he should have sacked her as soon as the Oakden Report was released and he should have prevented Leesa Vlahos from securing the top spot on the Labor Party’s Legislative Council ticket.

“Jay Weatherill has behaved like a coward throughout this scandal as he sought to minimise the political damage to his government.

“Jay Weatherill must now reveal whether Leesa Vlahos was one of the three people who tried to have their names suppressed in the ICAC report into the Oakden scandal.

“Leesa Vlahos’ claim that she isn’t expecting any adverse finding yet she has resigned to avoid being a distraction for Labor doesn’t bear scrutiny.

“If there is no adverse finding against Leesa Vlahos there is no reason for her to end her political career.

“The victims of Oakden and their families are continuing to suffer because some unknown individuals delayed the release of the ICAC report when they sought to have their names suppressed.

“Jay Weatherill needs to reveal whether Leesa Vlahos was one those people.”