Shamed Weatherill must resign

The State Liberals are calling for Jay Weatherill to resign after the ICAC Commissioner Bruce Lander found elderly patients at Oakden: were obliged to live in a facility which could only be described as a disgrace, and in which they received very poor care.

Commissioner Lander also notes: The State did not provide them with the level of care that they deserved.

“Jay Weatherill is the head of the Government that failed to protect our most vulnerable citizens and must take responsibility for that failure,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“It is totally unacceptable that Commissioner Lander was denied access to Weatherill Government Cabinet documents critical to his determination.

“Jay Weatherill’s repeated defence of Leesa Vlahos’ handling of the Oakden scandal both inside and outside the Parliament has been exposed as another unforgivable error of judgement.

“Having spent the last 10 months trying to distance himself from the appalling treatment of elderly patients at Oakden, Jay Weatherill needs to do the right thing and step down as Premier of South Australia.”

Commissioner Lander writes: The extent to which senior persons in positions of authority outside of the Oakden Facility did not know about what was occurring at the facility was breathtaking.

“As a member of the Labor Cabinet that has ruled South Australia for 16 years Jay Weatherill is one of those senior people in authority who should have known,” said Ms Chapman.

“The Weatherill Government’s culture of cover-up has led to the chemotherapy scandal, the child protection scandal and now the Oakden scandal.

“Apologising after the fact and promising to fix the problems is no longer a credible response form the Premier.

“Jay Weatherill has run out of apologies.”

As Commissioner Lander notes: Every South Australian should be outraged at the way in which these consumers were treated.