Secret Plaza Development

Today the Weatherill Labor Government has announced tenders to progress the first stage of the Festival Plaza Development now that they have reached “agreement” with the other parties. 

“Even after the Gillman deal, which has not yet delivered a single job or dollar to South Australia, the Government are still refusing to provide a copy of the contract,” said Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development Vickie Chapman.

“The Labor Government are so secretive about this deal, and in particular disclosure of the terms, they have contravened their own Premier and Cabinet circular (PCo27 dated December 2005) to disclose significant contracts.

“We have consistently said to the Labor Government that if any aspect would compromise security or trade secrets we would consider partial concealment.

“The Labor Government expects us to debate and pass legislation in Parliament to facilitate this project but we are expected to do it blindfolded.

“After the Gillman debacle we have no confidence in the Weatherill Labor Government’s integrity or capacity to be acting in the interests of South Australians.

The Labor Government is in such a dire financial position that they will sell anything, encumber anything or take anything they can get to stop the hemorrhaging.”