SA than 20 the most secretive than 20 in Australia

A media study comparing national Freedom of Information (FOI) laws has confirmed that South Australia is the most secretive state in the nation after 12 years of Labor.

A Channel 7 study found that South Australia’s FOI laws were the worst in the nation and the State’s ICAC “unlike the one that has uncovered conflicts of interest which went all the way to the top in New South Wales…appears to be more of a tool to intimidate and bully the Government’s enemies”.

In a recent report tabled in Parliament about South Australia’s FOI laws, State Ombudsman Richard Bingham stated:

“…evidence provided to the audit strongly suggests that ministerial or political influence is brought to bear on agencies’ FOI officers, and that FOI officers may have been pressured to change their determinations in particular instances.”

“South Australia’s FOI secrecy is so suppressed that when questioned about this in Parliament, Attorney-General Rau refused to investigate the matter,” said Shadow AttorneyGeneral Vickie Chapman.

“This comes after the Weatherill Labor Government has established the most secretive ICAC in the nation.

“A strong ICAC goes hand in hand with delivering honest, transparent and accountable Government and South Australia’s ICAC falls short of what South Australians want and need.

“This latest national study by Channel 7 is confirmation of a lack of government openness and transparency in South Australia. “In fact, after 12 years of Labor, South Australia has a national reputation as the suppression state.”