Respected legal figure appointed to head ICAC

Retired Supreme Court Justice, The Honourable Ann Vanstone QC has been appointed as South Australia’s second Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said Ms Vanstone, who was appointed to review the state’s Royal Commission laws earlier this year, is a highly respected figure with the expertise to lead the anti-corruption watchdog.“Ann Vanstone has four decades of experience in the legal profession, and is exceptionally well qualified to undertake this role,” Attorney-General Chapman said.“She has served on the bench of the District Court and subsequently as a Supreme Court Justice for close to 20 years, and has worked as both a crown prosecutor and a defence lawyer.“Ms Vanstone has an extensive understanding of the public service, and a strong, analytical mind as acknowledged by her appointment as Queen’s Counsel.“She has also been a trailblazer within the profession as the third woman appointed to the Supreme Court, and part of the first all-woman Court of Criminal Appeal.”Attorney-General Chapman said she looked forward to the contribution Ms Vanstone would make as the ICAC.Ms Vanstone has also been appointed as the Judicial Conduct Commissioner. “I have every confidence Ms Vanstone will bring the same degree of rigour and integrity to her approach in this important role that she has in every other aspect of her legal career.”“I also take this opportunity to thank the current Commissioner, The Honourable Bruce Lander QC for his years of service in this role. Mr Lander’s seven year term as Commissioner concludes on 1 September 2020.Ms Vanstone will commence her role as Independent Commissioner Against Corruption and Judicial Conduct Commissioner on 2 September 2020.