Recall Parliament to examine TAFE disaster

The State Liberals are demanding that Speaker Michael Atkinson recall State Parliament in order to enable a thorough examination of the TAFE SA scandal.

“The students of TAFE SA who have been denied the qualifications they have studied for deserve a comprehensive examination of how this fiasco came about and how it can be fixed,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“These students need to know how the Weatherill Government will rectify their faulty qualifications. 

“These students deserve to know exactly what compensation the Weatherill Government is offering them. 

“South Australians thinking of enrolling in TAFE need to be reassured they will not be studying for courses that will leave them without formal qualifications.

“Potential future students of TAFE need to know the extent of the problem and the capacity of the Weatherill Government to rectify the problem before enrolling next year.

“South Australians have no confidence in Premier Weatherill and Minister Close’s capacity to deal effectively with this scandal.

“Indeed to date the Weatherill Government’s response to the crisis that has engulfed TAFE has the stench of a cover-up.

“Minister Close has refused to release the findings of an independent investigation of TAFE SA after problems with the accreditation of courses were first identified.

“Minister Close refuses to be held accountable despite presiding over the biggest scandal in TAFE’s  history.

“Minister Close’s response to simply feign outrage, shift blame and call for a review is grossly inadequate and it falls short of the expectations of South Australians. 

“The Parliament must be recalled in order to get to the bottom of this fiasco.

“Independent Members such as Geoff Brock, Martin Hamilton-Smith and Frances Bedford must support the return of Parliament or risk being tied to this failed and desperate 16 year old Labor administration just 100 days before the next state election.”