Protecting Ministers before Children

Premier Jay Weatherill’s decision to maintain 14 ministerial offices as South Australia sinks further into debt a daily basis highlights just how addicted to spending this Labor Government is.

“South Australia faces enormous budget challenges yet the ministerial gravy train roll on unhindered by the South Australia’s debt and deficit woes,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

Further the Premier’s failure to separate the scandal plagued child protection services from the Education Department is a grave mistake born of arrogance.

“Premier Weatherill had a golden opportunity to tackle the entrenched problems plaguing Families SA but decided that spin rather than reform is the easier path.

“By making John Rau responsible for reform of child protection Premier Weatherill has admitted there is a deep problem with child protection but he didn’t have the courage effect the necessary structural change.

“Yesterday the Premier warned the public was sick of arrogant politicians and today he arrogantly refused to correct his disastrous mistake of locating child protection services within the Education Department.”

“On becoming Premier in 2011, Premier Weatherill shifted the child protection functions of Families SA and the Health Department into the Education Department.

“The ongoing child abuse scandals that have plagued Families SA since it was shifted into the Education Department confirm that this experiment has been a complete and abject failure. It is also part of the reason South Australia continues to slip further behind the rest of the country in the performance of our public schools.

“Both education and child protection in South Australia will achieve better outcomes when these responsibilities are rightfully separate again.

“The appointment of L-plate Minister Kyam Maher to the Manufacturing and Innovation portfolio is another sign of the muddled priorities of the Weatherill Government.

“There have been three Ministers for Manufacturing since the December 2013 when former Federal Labor Minister Greg Combet was appointed as South Australia’s automotive transformation coordinator “With the looming closure of Holden and its impact on the accelerating problems in the automotive supply industry the Manufacturing portfolio needed a strong Minister capable of leading a decisive response to the challenges ahead.”