Progress on naval shipbuilding infrastructure welcomed

The State Liberals have welcomed the turning of the first sod and the unveiling of the design for the new surface shipbuilding yard at Osborne and called on the South Australian Government to establish a Naval Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce.

“This is good news for South Australia and we welcome this investment by the Australian Government in what will be a transformative project for our shipbuilding industry in South Australia,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Infrastructure projects such as this will help deliver a continuous naval shipbuilding program and it’s critical that South Australians have the skills necessary to secure the jobs on offer.”

The Naval Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce would:

- Identify opportunities for delivering targeted skills training to prepare South Australians for shipbuilding projects;
- Develop options for re-skilling manufacturing workers who have recently lost their jobs or are at risk of losing their jobs;
- Work with the Federal Government, ASC, contractors and training providers to identify potential skills shortages; and,
- Coordinate a transformation project to ensure the South Australian training system is focused on the right areas.

“We have nation leading shipbuilding infrastructure at Osborne and a highly skilled workforce but we must ensure we further develop our skills to take full advantage of these shipbuilding opportunities,” said Ms Chapman.

“It would be a wasted opportunity if when this shipbuilding work starts in South Australia we have to bring employees in from interstate and overseas.

“The State Liberals have long advocated for further investment in our local shipbuilding industry in SA and we reiterate our support for the workforce at Osborne as the new surface shipbuilding yard project takes shape.”