Police out in force over Schoolies Festival

South Australia Police will again be granted special powers to protect school leavers when the Schoolies Festival hits Victor Harbor this weekend.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said the Government has again declared a public precinct in Victor Harbor, ensuring Police have the powers necessary to keep the school kids from across the State and the local community safe during schoolies.

“While many of those heading to Victor Harbor this weekend to let off steam will do so within the confines of the law, there’ll be some who are looking to act irresponsibly,” Ms Chapman said.

“That type of behaviour is reckless, and could put people at risk – which is why it’s so important police officers have the powers they need to keep everyone safe.

“Finishing high school is a significant achievement for our young people and they deserve to celebrate and have fun, but it’s vital they are safe while doing so.”

Under the declared public precinct provisions, SA Police will have the power to:

  • Conduct metal detector searches of individuals
  • Carry out general drug detection in relation to any person within the precinct
  • Ban a person from the precinct during specified hours
  • Direct a person to leave the precinct
  • Remove minors from the area where an officer has formed the view that the child is in circumstances that place them at risk.

The Victor Harbor Declared Public Precinct will be in place from 6pm until 3am each day while Schoolies is underway, starting at 6pm Friday November 22 and finishing at 3am Monday November 25.

The Declared Public Precinct will cover the areas inside:

  • The north eastern boundary of Eyre Street
  • The eastern boundary of Flinders Parade, including the beachfront to the waterline
  • The southern boundary of the Esplanade, including the Soldiers Memorial Gardens and the beachfront to the waterline
  • The eastern boundary of the continuation of Franklin Parade including Kent Reserve beachfront to the waterline
  • The south western boundary of Harbour View Terrace
  • The north western side of Bay Road
  • The northern side of Victoria Street
  • The northern side of Albert Place
  • The western side of Ocean Street
  • The north western side of Torrens Street