Parliament workplace harassment review gets green light

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman will today move a motion, allowing a review into the handling of harassment in the South Australian Parliament to get underway.

This review, to be conducted by the Acting Equal Opportunity Commissioner Emily Strickland, will be a systematic review of the workplace culture and practise in Parliament House.

All Members of Parliament will have an opportunity to contribute through voluntary surveys, and the Commissioner has indicated that she will commence the review immediately.

The aim of the review is for the Commissioner to deliver recommendations that improve the handling of allegations and complaints of harassment in Parliament, and to better support staff.

It will look at what reporting systems are currently in place, and any barriers to reporting, as well as the response to complaints and how it can be improved.

“Everyone should feel safe and supported when going to work, and the Parliament is no different,” Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said.

“It is evident this matter needs to come to a conclusion, and I look forward to reading the recommendations made by the Acting Equal Opportunities Commissioner when the review is complete in the New Year.”