One month grace period should apply to motorists

The State Liberals have called on Police Minister Tony Piccolo to intervene to ensure the issuing of cautions for truck drivers adjusting to new speed limits on the South-East Freeway is extended to all vehicles travelling on the road.

Yesterday, SAPOL stated cautions regarding the new speed limits would apply to truck drivers and motorists:

SAPOL’s Mick Abbott on 5AA (1/9/14):

“Depending on how fast they are going there will be cautions issued for the first month while truck drivers and motorists do get used to the new rules.

There is an education process through September making sure motorists are aware of the new rules.”

Today SAPOL has reneged on that commitment.

Police Commission Garry Burns on ABC 891 (2/9/14):

Presenter: “What about the grace period? Are you pinging people?”

Burns: “Yeah we said in this period of time there is an education phase for the vehicles that are 5.5…4.5 tonne and above which is the new regulation that used to be the five axles. Now with the 4.5 tonne vehicles we are providing an education phase over that month, because…

Presenter: “But not the motorists.”

Burns: “For a motorist, the speed limit has been slowed to 90km/hr. There is no grace period.” (abridged)

“The State Liberals believe that the one month grace period should apply to both truck drivers and motorists,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“There is no logical reason why professional drivers would be granted an amnesty for breaching the new speed limit whilst ordinary motorists won’t be.

“We encourage all motorists to stick to the speed limit, but given a permanent change is being made, it’s only fair that motorists receive a grace period as well.

“This decision needlessly alienates many motorists who will see the decision to ping them as no more than a revenue raising exercise.”