On-the-spot licence bans for killer drivers

South Australian motorists will be better protected under the Marshall Liberal Government’s tough stance on people charged with, or reasonably believed to have committed, causing death by dangerous driving.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said laws have now passed State Parliament that would allow authorities to impose an on-the-spot licence suspension or disqualification, for those believed to have killed another as a result of culpably negligent, reckless or dangerous driving.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is committed to protecting the community and ensuring those who drive with little regard for the safety of other road users lose the privilege of being able to drive on South Australian roads,” Attorney-General Chapman said.

“These reforms will ensure swift action can be taken at the scene if and when the unthinkable happens.

“Under these laws, an individual who is charged with causing death by dangerous driving – or is reasonably believed to have committed the offence – will have their licence suspended or disqualified immediately.

“If they do not have a licence, they will be barred from applying for one.

“The suspension or disqualification will remain in place until such time as the charge itself has been resolved,” she said.
Attorney-General Chapman said the sanction would only be lifted in exceptional circumstances.

“An individual who has had their licence suspended or disqualified can appeal to the courts for a reversal of the decision,” she said.

“However, community safety will be one of the paramount considerations when such an appeal is lodged.”

The Government is now preparing the necessary changes to regulations to allow the law to come into effect, with a commencement date still to be finalised.