Ms CHAPMAN ( Bragg—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (12:06): I rise to speak on the Premier's motion to indicate to the house that the opposition will support this motion and agrees with the government that the appropriate course now to deal with the recommendation, if any recommendation is otherwise taken up by any governments, is that it be done with the social licence to support the same. This is a measure upon which that can be embraced and, appropriately, the terms of reference of the joint committee proposed will focus on the nuclear waste storage facility.

Members will be aware that, of the four areas of investigation and consultation resulting from the report from royal commissioner Scarce, this was the one that in certain circumstances had an identified financial benefit for the state. We accept that the purpose of this exercise will be to identify the wishes of the public, that they will have had an opportunity to consider the material presented in the report to then form a view and submit a view to a forum, which can then comprehensively consider that and provide a report to the parliament.

Having been invited to have two representatives on the committee, the opposition has identified that the shadow minister for the opposition in the state parliament (member for Stuart) will be nominated together with the Hon. Rob Lucas in another place. These two members of this parliament are representative of each of the houses. They are most senior in respect of the area of resources and, of course, Treasury from our side of the house, and that is a measure of how we view the importance of this progressing in a mature, orderly and effective way. We thank those two members for indicating their willingness to undertake this task.

I say that particularly because we would expect that the government will allocate sufficient funding and resources for this joint committee to be accessible and available and convene in a manner that enables South Australians across the state, from border to border, to have the opportunity to present. Not everyone has email and not everyone has the capacity to prepare a written submission, and we want all South Australians to have the opportunity to have a say if they wish.

I note, as I am sure the Premier has, that already some South Australians, individually or whether they be from academia, the resource world, the environment world or, indeed, union representatives yesterday, have spoken up with their views and their opinions in respect of any advance in this area. We want to ensure that all of them have an opportunity to have a say.

The joint committee, once established, will need some time to undertake that responsibly, to ensure that it is effective and that it is able to comprehensively take those submissions. It is a task that will be unenviable in its magnitude but we support the motion and we thank the two nominated members from the opposition for taking up that challenge. We ask the government to join in to ensure that senior members of the government are also nominated, and we look forward to the deliberations and ultimate recommendations of the committee.