Novelty ‘emoji’ vodka banned from South Australia

Spirits sold in novelty ‘emoji’ bottles have been permanently banned from South Australia, due to concerns the products are too appealing to minors.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said the Government has determined the product – and any that appear in similar packaging – should not be sold in our State.

“The packaging looks like a confectionary container and could easily appeal to, or be inadvertently consumed by, children,” Ms Chapman said.

“While these products appear quirky and fun, they have a risk attached to them.

“I would hate for someone’s daughter, son, or grandchild to consume vodka accidentally, after being enticed by the harmless exterior,” she said.

South Australia was the first jurisdiction to place a temporary ban on ‘Emodka’ – vodka sold in 50ml ‘emoji’ containers – at the end of last year. The permanent ban came into effect on April 8.

“I’ve taken the view that banning these products is an appropriate response to the risk posed by these products,” Ms Chapman said.
Consumer and Business Services Commissioner Dini Soulio said the new ban also applied to any other spirits sold in the same type of emoji packaging.

“This will ensure that any similar products are also captured by the ban,” Mr Soulio said.

“At this stage, Consumer and Business Services is only aware of a few online retailers that sell the product, but I would urge any consumers to report sales of these products in bricks-and-mortar shops in South Australia to CBS on 131 882.”