Second Reading

Adjourned debate on second reading.

(Continued from 18 May 2016.)

Ms CHAPMAN ( Bragg—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (16:27): I rise to indicate that the opposition will be supporting the Notaries Public Bill 2016. It has been about 12 years in the gestation. The former attorney-general did not want to advance it. The current Attorney-General moved at glacial pace in even considering it.

Essentially, this bill codifies a practice in respect of the appointment, dismissal and general regulation of those who practise as notaries public—fine work that some 60 or so in South Australia undertake. It is a formalising of process which had been first presented to me some years ago by John Harley, who was a very strong and consistent advocate for the need to regulate this area of professional practice. We agree with it. More recently, Marcus La Vincente, as president, and Roy Hasda, as a member of the Notaries' Society of South Australia, provided helpful advice in respect of the progress of this bill.

I am disappointed that it is going to cost quite a lot of money to make an application for a notary public to the Supreme Court, which will still require a Supreme Court application with supporting affidavit. The application fee will be well over $2,000, whereas for a general legal practitioner's application it is some hundreds of dollars; nevertheless, that is a minor matter. We consent to the bill.