No pokies no more

The State Liberals have described Nick Xenophon’s startling backflip on eradicating poker machines in South Australia as the most damaging change of policy since Labor broke its promise to ‘never, ever close the Repat’.

 “Nick Xenophon’s decision to abandon his long crusade against poker machines brings into question exactly what he stands for,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Indeed people are now asking if he stands for anything at all.

“Up until yesterday people may have had a range of opinions as to how effective Nick Xenophon had been in delivering his no pokies promise but at least they believed he was  genuine in his conviction.

“Yesterday’s announcement from Nick Xenophon that he is now comfortable with South Australia retaining 8000 poker machines makes a mockery of all he has stood for during his 22 years in politics.

“Nick Xenophon used to accuse the State Government of being addicted to gambling revenue. Clearly he is now happy to trade in that addiction.

“The Weatherill Labor Government lost a lot of skin when it reneged on its promise to keep the Repat open precisely because it had always claimed health was one of its key priorities.

“The public were rightly annoyed by the hypocrisy of the Weatherill Government breaking its promise to never, ever close the Repat because it reneged on a core value.

“Nick Xenophon has now reneged on his single core value and fatally undermined his credibility.”