No Ideas Nick

The State Liberals are demanding Nick Xenophon keeps his word and begins releasing his  policies and costings on job creation, electricity, cost of living, education, poker machines, local government, law and order, primary industries, regional development, transport, housing, disabilities,trade, fisheries, tourism, corrections, women, ageing, the environment, manufacturing, mineral resources, mental health and health.

“Nick Xenophon announced he was running for State Parliament on 6 October yet in the 16 weeks since then he has failed to release a single substantive policy,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

Indeed at the time Nick Xenophon stated: In the days and weeks to come I will be announcing SA Best’s other candidates and the broad issues and policies we’ll be focusing on between now and election day (ABC 891 6/10/17)

“To date Nick’s modus operandi has been to wait for the Liberals or Labor to release a policy, sniff the breeze, then jump on the back of what he thinks is popular and say he supports it too,” said Ms Chapman.

“Nick Xenophon can’t credibly claim he wants to hold the balance of power in the South Australian Parliament without releasing a genuine policy platform for proper scrutiny.

“Claiming he is running a small start-up party and therefore shouldn’t be subject to the same requirements as the other parties is facile.

“Nick Xenophon has been a politician for 22 years, his party had four members returned at the recent Federal election, yet his favourite word when pushed on policy detail is ‘soon’.

“Nick Xenophon’s failure to produce genuine policies is a calculated political strategy designed to shield his party from proper scrutiny.

“For a politician who claims to be a champion of accountability it is a deeply cynical strategy to adopt.

“Nick Xenophon has only ever run his mouth, if he wants to run South Australia he needs to prove he has the policy ideas to justify his ambition."