Nick Xenophon not doing what is best for SA

Today’s admission on radio from Nick Xenophon that he is doing “…what is best for the campaign, the candidates and for SA Best…” is a damning indictment on him and a SA Best party fuelled by self-interest.

“What about doing what’s best for the people of South Australia?” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Mr Xenophon has today gagged his new candidates and shielded them from media scrutiny in a clear sign that he and SA Best are more interested in their own political fortunes than the job fortunes of South Australians.

“Quite frankly, this isn’t good enough, and the excuse that SA Best is a ‘start-up’ party is already wearing thin – South Australia doesn’t need a start-up political party, South Australia needs a new government with the positive plans and policies to turn around the state’s economy.

“Every new candidate that Mr Xenophon unveils doesn’t make up for his lack of policy platform, and it also doesn’t hide the fact that SA Best is lining up with the Labor Party to oppose council rate capping and shop trading deregulation.

“Instead of lining up with Labor and admitting that SA Best is doing what’s best for SA Best, Mr Xenophon should rule out doing a deal to deliver Labor 20 years in government.

“The people of South Australia are not fools – they know if they want to change the government they need to vote Liberal at the election on 17 March.”