Nick Xenophon is focused on himself, not SA’s future

While Nick Xenophon has spent the entire week talking about himself, the Marshall Liberal Team has released several important policies to improve the lives of South Australians.

“It’s clear to see that Nick Xenophon is more interested in his own future than the future of South Australians,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“In stark contrast, the State Liberals have released key policies this week including funding a solution for remediating Bird Lake, improving the quality of life of Port Augusta residents and visitors.

“Our commitment of $5 million for a Bowel Cancer Prevention Initiative was also announced, which will save lives by delivering vital procedures earlier and prevent bowel cancer progressing.

“While today it was announced that a Marshall Liberal Government will make it mandatory for councils to publish travel expenses in their annual reports to improve transparency and accountability.

“The March state election is the most important in a generation – South Australia doesn’t need glib one-liners and stunts from Nick Xenophon, we need a change of government and a program of policies which will grow our economy, create jobs, lower the costs of doing business, and provide a solution to drive down the state’s high electricity prices.

“Nick Xenophon and his rag-tag bunch of SA-BEST candidates do not offer that change – they simply risk delivering SA with 20 years of this disastrous Labor Government.”