New sentencing laws to be debated in Parliament

New sentencing laws proposed by the Liberal Marshall Government, specifically relating to the availability of home detention as a sentencing option for sex offenders, will be debated this week in the House of Assembly.

Late last year, in response to community concerns, the Government undertook a considered review of home detention and suspended sentences for sex offenders.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said the safety of South Australians, particularly children, and the welfare of victims are the Governments highest priorities for sentencing reform.

“What became very clear to me was that the previous Labor Government did not create iron-clad legislation when it comes to the sentencing of sex offenders,” Ms Chapman said.

“The Marshall Government, on the other hand, has reviewed all of the legislation relating to the sentencing and home detention of all offenders, including child sex offenders, and we have made a raft of changes that will ensure community safety and justice for victims.”

The new legislation will:

  • address community concerns surrounding the use of home detention in the sentencing process;
  • address inconsistencies between the home detention, intensive correction, and suspended sentences regimes;
  • address operational concerns raised by stakeholders since the introduction of the home detention and intensive corrections regimes; and
  • repeal certain unnecessary provisions recently introduced into the sentencing process by the former Labor government.

Attorney-General Chapman has called on the Labor Government to support this legislation and ensure its swift passage through both houses of Parliament.

“While Labor like to claim this legislation as their own, the fact is, their proposed one-page fix to this problem, which is typical of their policy on the run mentality, would not have fixed these problems.

“I look forward to these new laws getting through Parliament as soon as possible so that our community can be better protected, and victims can get the justice they deserve,” Ms Chapman said.