New Planning Commission unveiled

South Australia is on the precipice of a new and exciting future, having reversed the ‘brain drain’ for the first time in 30 years.

This means more people are living, working and raising a family in Adelaide – Australia’s most liveable city.

With that comes a huge responsibility to ensure our housing, roads and infrastructure are up to scratch and ready to deal with the growing population.

An integral part of planning for our future is the state’s principal planning advisory and development assessment body; the State Planning Commission (Commission).

Established in 2017, the Commission provides advice and makes recommendations to the State Government on planning policy and direction.

In recent years, it has been responsible for developing, delivering and implementing South Australia’s new planning system – a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

The term of appointment for the current members expires at the end of this month, so there is need to name the new-look Commission.

Minister for Planning and Local Government Vickie Chapman said that after much consideration, she has nominated four people with exceptional experience across a broad range of areas.

They are;

  • Mr Craig Holden (Chair)
  • Ms Noelle Hurley
  • Mr Stuart Moseley
  • Ms Elinor Walker

“Together these people have the qualifications, knowledge, expertise and experience required to drive our state into a new frontier,” Minister Chapman said.

“With major developments happening in the space, agricultural, entertainment, and housing sectors, we need an independent team of experts to advise the Government on the best way forward.

“In addition to this team of experts, I will be listing a number of additional members, who have expertise in specific areas, should a proposal require targeted advice.

“Some of their first big tasks will be to lead the development of Regional Plans, to review and update the 30-year Plan for Greater Adelaide and to undertake a review of tree policy and regulation,” she said.

Mr Holden, Ms Hurley, Mr Moseley and Ms Walker will start their new roles on November 1, 2021.

Sally Smith, Executive Director of Planning and Land Use Services, will remain in her role as the Commission’s Ex Officio.

“I also wish to thank current Chair, Helen Dyer, and member Allan Holmes for their time on the Commission and contribution to the new planning system,” Minister Chapman said.

“Each has worked tirelessly to ensure our State’s planning framework is robust and in keeping with the Government’s vision for South Australia,” she said.

Craig Holden – Chair

Mr Holden has been a member of the State Planning Commission since 2018, and has been integral to developing the new planning system.

After graduating from The University of Adelaide, he worked in private practice in England before moving back to South Australia to establish his architectural practice.

Mr Holden specialises in developing urban renewal housing projects in Adelaide and is committed to ensuring that all South Australians benefit from land use planning policy that is equitable, informed and contemporary.

“It is my privilege to serve South Australia as Chair of the State Planning Commission following my three years as a Commission member,” Mr Holden said.

“I thank the Minister for the opportunity to lead the state’s principal planning and development assessment body and look forward to progressing the Commission’s extensive work program with my fellow Commission members,” he said.  

Ms Noelle Hurley

Ms Hurley is an accomplished lawyer and mediator, with considerable experience in administration, leadership and management.

Her risk management skills are finely honed and she is skilled in anticipating, managing and evaluating risks and then minimising the impact, while remaining accountable for ongoing implications. Ms Hurley was a founding director of the Space Law Council – Australia and NZ.

Mr Stuart Moseley

Mr Moseley has more than 30 years’ experience in urban planning and executive leadership, having held roles in four State Governments, in Local Government and in the private sector.

He has extensive development consulting experience, advising on the delivery of major residential, commercial and government projects.

He currently serves as the Chief Executive of the Victorian Planning Authority.

Ms Elinor Walker

As President of the Planning Institute of Australia (SA Division), Ms Walker is well regarded in the industry as being an ethical and solution focussed planner who is passionate about achieving good planning outcomes.

She has had more than 20 years of experience working in both the public and private sector giving her a well-rounded and diverse skill set.