New Commissioner for Victims’ Rights appointed

The Marshall Liberal Government has announced the appointment of a new Commissioner for Victims’ Rights.

Bronwyn Killmier, an Assistant Commissioner with the South Australian Police, has been appointed to the role for a term of 5 years.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman, thanked Mr Michael O’Connell who had held the position since its inception in 2006.

“Mr O’Connell has served this State well during his 12 years in this important role, and on behalf of South Australians, particularly, victims of crime, I would like to thank him for his dedicated service and wish him well for the future,” said Attorney General Vickie Chapman.

Ms Chapman said Ms Killmier brings a range of highly relevant specialist qualifications to the role.

“I’m delighted that a candidate of Bronwyn Killmiers’ quality will lead this important victims’ rights advocacy organisation into the future,” said Ms Chapman.

“Bronwyn Killmiers 40 years of service as a South Australian police officer and extensive academic achievements leaves her uniquely qualified to undertake the role of Commissioner.

“I’m certain Ms Killmier will prove to be a powerful advocate for victims of crime in South Australia.

“Ms Killmier’s experience in the justice sector, her knowledge of justice system processes and legal frameworks, and her fresh approach will benefit victims of crime in this State.

“I’m looking forward to Ms Killmier bringing a new and energetic approach to this role, with an increased domestic focus on the statutory functions of the Victims of Crime Act.”