Murderer at large

Escaped prisoner, Tara Kehoe, has been on the run since last Friday, when she fled from a pre-release work program. 

SAPOL issued an alert that the convicted murderer, an 18-year-old woman in December 1996, was on the run. A description had been provided and a request for anyone with information to phone them.

“This prisoner has been in jail for most of her adult life – how is it that she could remain at large without detection, arrest and recovery?” asked Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman.

“What is the Minister doing? Minister Malinauskas is responsible for both the prisons and police in this state and we have not heard a word from him on this issue.

“The Minister is quick to make a public statement when its good news but is missing in action when there are questions to be answered.

“Of course our jails are bursting at the seams, but this is no excuse to leave a convicted murderer on the run.

“Although Tara may soon be eligible for release, her conduct clearly shows she is not fit for early release.

“We have the ridiculous situation in South Australia where a convicted murderer is left on the loose and a male prisoner was accidentally released, twice trying to get back into prison!

“What a shambles.”