Mount Compass Code Amendment process begins

A planning process that aims to protect the Mount Compass Golf Course and ensure modest levels of development in the surrounding area has begun.

The Minister for Planning and Local Government Vickie Chapman said she has initiated the Code Amendment process to ensure zoning details for the area were appropriate – emphasising the need to protect the existing Golf Course while also supporting some complementary development.

“The goal here is to ensure the long-term viability of the golf course, by allowing greater opportunities for complementary land uses and activities, such as modest residential development, tourist accommodation and small-scale retail development,” Minister Chapman said.

“I appreciate this is an issue that is close to the hearts of many in the local community, which is why the Code Amendment process is the best way to address this.

“It will ensure the local community are consulted, giving residents a chance to have their say on the future of the area,” she said.

Preliminary information about the process is now available online, with further details to be made available once consultation kicks off in the coming weeks.

“We want to hear your views or concerns about this proposed Code Amendment. So please, head to the PlanSA portal, read the information, and then submit your feedback when the consultation goes live,” Minister Chapman said.

“Your opinions will form an important part of the final decision,” she said.

Public consultation for the Mount Compass Code Amendment will begin in the week commencing September 6.

You can follow the Code Amendment process here: