Michael Riches appointed as Deputy Independent Commissioner Against Corruption

The Government has today announced that the Governor has appointed Mr Michael Riches as the Deputy Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.  

The appointment, requested by Mr Bruce Lander QC, the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (the Commissioner), recognises the steady increase in both the volume and complexity of the work undertaken by the ICAC, and the size of the office since it began operations in 2013.  The ICAC is now at a point where the Commissioner cannot be directly involved in all aspects of the work undertaken.

Mr Riches is currently employed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Office for Public Integrity and the ICAC.

His appointment will provide increased stability in the ongoing operation of the ICAC.

Mr Riches has made a significant contribution to the ICAC and the Office for Public Integrity, and was part of the team responsible for establishing the anti-corruption body, and has worked there first as a Senior Legal Officer, then Director, and since January 2017 as the Chief Executive Officer since it commenced operations.

In taking up this appointment, Mr Riches will continue to perform the functions and duties undertaken in his role as Chief Executive Officer, but will have the additional capacity to step into the Commissioner’s role in his absence as and when required.  His appointment is made on his present remuneration.

Mr Riches appointment commences on October 26.